David Hartley on the NEW Justice Steel Guitar

David Hartley Pedal Steel Guitar Date:- 16th March 2013 More at CDBABY.com and iTUNES www.davidhartleymusic.com www.amarillocountrymusicduo.com.

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David Hartley Steel Guitar Music

25 Responses to David Hartley on the NEW Justice Steel Guitar

  1. poursomebeeronit

    Is it the same yahoo runnin around sprinkling one or three thumbs downs on Dave’s vids, or what? Awesome music!

  2. Travis James

    I do not play myself, but you sir, did absolutely phenomenal!!! I hope to one day pick up on the steel guitar myself and you are a grey inspiration for it! I am only 18 years old, but I love the genres in which this instrument is played in. Well done!

  3. Jayme Ubirici Lehugeur

    Simply perfect. 

  4. David Caron

    Nice playing and I like the first pickup the best. It just has a quality that my ears love!

  5. David Caron

    Nice playing and I like the first pickup the best. It just has a quality that my ears love!

  6. David Caron

    Nice playing and I like the first pickup the best. It just has a quality that my ears love!


    me puedes mostrar como esta hecha la steel guitar ??? ,yo tengo una pero es tonalidad fija de 8 cuerdas !!! ya tóco 25 años y tiene sus limitaciones en los acordes ….mi mail… lu8_ies@hotmail.com

  8. rstephens049

    Sounds great

  9. maverickdallas100

    Nice guitar, Dave…You really do it justice!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. TheAngello120

    Dave, have listened many times and and compared sounds blind, you are as usual spot on, the Telonics is the better pup by far and now you have set it up will be even better.If you have any used steels laying about that you don’t need please feel free to donate (he-he can’t blame me for trying) oh and some ability as well, my stage-one has stood unplayed since it arrived and is getting bored.

  11. chris96xj

    Such a pure soun

  12. Patrick Gemser

    Dave…. Great sound!!!! well done!!!


    Dave you are the Best! love to hear and close my eyes. your music – My video Good Times. Thanks!!

  14. kush cubman

    I actually like the first installed pickup better and I have listened to a lot of steel guitars live in Northern NJ country bars. I love music and like the first one a lot more. The telonics sounds tinny and not as sharp with a muddled sound. My opine, bad replacement and not worth the cash. I do love the way the gentleman plays regardless.

  15. Aaron Cuevas

    I wish i could play one of these

  16. TheAngello120

    Dave the word Genius’ is applied too often to the unworthy, you Geniuses should complain (yuk yuk). I think the Telonics is more Hi-Fi than the original on here and a bit flatter sounding, you have the universal players thing going on- whatever new kit you get you play around with it until you sound like YOU! and lets face it Nobody else does.

  17. spotlighton1

    Dave Great sound Good tone wish i had one that sounded as Sweet!!!

  18. MrLabrador91

    705 wins

  19. Torben Koch

    Hi David
    awesome playing as allways, I will prefere the BL705, a great guitar Fred J has made for you – have a great trip to Holland

  20. stephen gallear

    bravo, agreat sound realy good player too.

  21. Michael McNeill

    David – you are getting some overtones with the “Justice Steel” that you did not get on your “Rains”. Very nice, very full. I was so impressed by the sound you got from your “Rains” I picked up a SD-10 (Rains).I think I like what I am hearing from this “Justice” a little more. I need to learn some more of your licks. Your playing and writings have touched many people. Thanks.

  22. drjazzisme

    Well Dave,thats sounding just brilliant,I sincerely hope Fred Justice did you a very good deal on it for letting the best steel guitar in the world IMHO hear what a beautiful sound can be made on it…Looking forward to many more tunes on it Dave,Just brilliant…

  23. Jack Francis

    Great tone…Fred….AHHH you too Dave!

  24. LanceCampeau

    Pure beauty….. playing and tone…. I just gotta get a pedal steel.

  25. 72olds350z

    The second pickup sounds sweeter :-)

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